Providing Education

Friends of Varanasi supports education for children by: Sending street children to school, including books, tuition, uniforms, shoes and medical care Supporting orphan girls with school tuition, medical care, dental care, and total… Continue reading

Medical and Dental Care

Friends of Varanasi has established projects aimed at providing medical and dental care: Medical programs take children and extremely poor and desperate adults to doctors and clinics, and getting them appropriate medication and… Continue reading

‘Adopting’ a Neighbourhood

Friends of Varanasi ‘adopted’ a severely poor and distressed neighborhood near Little Stars School. This Adoption Project includes taking the children to dentists, doctors, getting them enrolled in school, buying them uniforms and… Continue reading

Supporting People with Leprosy

Friends of Varanasi has supported people in a Leper Colony with contributions of food and money for medications.   

Donations of Items

Friends of Varanasi has purchased shoes, clothes, toys, medicines and vitamins to acutely impoverished children.

Animal Care and Education

Friends of Varanasi works with an ABC-AR (animal birth control and anti-rabies) program for street dogs and a clinic for sick and injured animals.  This program in Varanasi is based on the ABC… Continue reading